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Bryggen Venues offers gastronomy and urban settings for your wedding reception



Wedding reception at Bryggen Venues

At Bryggen Venues, we know how much this important day means to you. With extensive experience within receptions, we go the extra mile to ensure everything is provided as agreed when it’s time to pamper the bridal couple on their special day.

We offer total solutions, where we have made it a bit easier for you to plan your wedding celebration. When you choose Spisesalon Bryggen or Pakhus Bryggen as your wedding venue, the offer includes food, drink, staff and rent of the event space. This way, you can enjoy your day and have fun without worrying about unforeseen extra costs. Naturally, you may have additional requests, and a number of extras are available to you. And, should your wishes extend beyond those extras, we will of course find a solution.


Choose between two urban venues.

Our concept of the total solution applies to both our event spaces. The same high standard for a festive day can be found at Spisesalon Bryggen and Pakhus Bryggen.


Spisesalon Bryggen – Rustic luxury, charm & style

On a floor in one of Bryggen’s original warehouses, you will find luxurious settings with a modern twist. It is said that, back in the day, the premises acted as a secret gentlemen’s club for Islands Brygge’s cultural elite, politicians, balloon skippers, officers and other VIPs. Here, guests were led through the back stairs into a universe of luxury, mistresses, expensive drinks and gourmet food.

Meticulously restored, this noble gentlemen’s club has undergone a transformation so that today the reception room meets today’s modern standards. However, the atmosphere is still one of rustic exclusivity, with a darker tone, velvet, brass, chandeliers, brass bar, original wooden floorboards and exposed ceiling beams.


Pakhus Bryggen – Rustic, cosy and down-to-earth

In an original warehouse from Islands Brygge’s industrial era, you can find an immersive rustic universe. With light tones and down-to-earth nuances spiced up with design, quality and cosiness, Pakhus Bryggen offers an exceptional and thoroughly renovated reception room. The supporting columns bring a certain dynamic feeling to the room, which includes a lounge area and permanent bar.

The venue is about 500 m2, with a kitchen and space for 150 dining guests. It also comes with a charming courtyard, and you are only 200 metres from Copenhagen’s waterfront.

NOTE! Both reception rooms allow for bridal couples to add their personal touch and create the perfect atmosphere for their special day.

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On your wedding day, the menu is of the utmost significance.

At Bryggen Venues, we go the extra mile to provide modern gastronomy of the highest quality. We strive to compose our menus based on the season, where fresh, unique raw ingredients take centre stage. We offer high quality gastronomy with a strong expression, thanks to our team of chefs that strives to delight our guests.

Our food is based on modern gastronomy, but with great emphasis on the traditions of good craftsmanship and professional pride. Our kitchen is influenced by French Nouvelle and New Nordic Cuisines, but we often spice it up with elements of world cuisines: Japanese fermentation, South American “food over fire”, plus a few other ingredients and raw materials that align with the green ideal. A concept that will characterise the choice of produce delivered to the mansion – preferably local, organic where possible (DK produced), and always with the season as the primary focus.



At Bryggen Venues, we make it a little easier for you to plan your big wedding budget. Our “total solution concept” includes food, drinks, staff and rent for the event space in one solution, so that you can enjoy the day and have fun without worrying about unforeseen extra costs. Naturally, you may have extra requests, and we offer the option for a number of extras. And, should your wishes extend beyond those extras, we will of course find a solution.



Below, you can see the floorplans for Spisesalon Bryggen and Pakhus Bryggen, which can offer inspiration for the premises that best suit your wedding reception.

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us to arrange an individual tour of the premises.

See floor plan of Spisesalon Bryggen

See floor plan of Pakhus Bryggen



Typical duration from 17.30-03.00

Off-season: DKK 1,350.00 excl. VAT per person, min. 50 guests
*January, February, March, April, July, October, November, December
Peak season: DKK 1,550.00 excl. VAT per person, min. 50 guests
*May, June, August, September

– Welcome Drink & Snacks
– Three-course menu
– Wine, beer, and water as required for 8.5 hours
– Long drinks package + the house’s three signature drinks, as required for 3.5 hours after dinner
– Late-night snack
– Freshly brewed coffee and tea
– Waiters and other service staff
– Cloakroom
– Room hire and cleaning :: premises of your choice


Seasonal snacks

Hand-peeled prawns – confit potatoes – radish – pea emulsion

Veal rib roast – leeks – pickled vegetables – pepper sauce

Yoghurt parfait – elderflower – woodruff – cucumber

(Bread and butter are served with starters)


Bryggen Venues guarantees you the best technology. Our equipment is regularly updated and supervised by highly experienced technicians. For the same reason, we invited Profox, one of the leading technology firms in the industry, to join us. Profox provides top-notch technology, which is constantly updated. They now have their storeroom and office at our sister venue, Moltkes Palæ.

Contact us for prices and solutions for your wedding reception.


See floor plan of Spisesalon Bryggen
See floor plan of Pakhus Bryggen

Islands Brygge – 500 metres – about a 5-minute walk

Easypark at Bryggen Venues
The City of Copenhagen at street level
Leifsgade car park, Bergthorasgade 35 (underground car park with 400 parking spaces)

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Bryggen Guldsmeden – read more

Islands Brygge Havnepark, Kalvebod Brygge, GoBoat Boat Rental, Danish Architecture Centre, Christianshavn

Spisesalon Bryggen Islands Brygge

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Moltkes Palæ

Kgs Nytorv/Dronningens Tværgade

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