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At Bryggen Venues, we collaborate with the very best in their fields.

Great ingredients and great tastes go hand in hand. Our suppliers have been chosen with care, and we aim to use locally produced ingredients wherever possible and with the quality of the menus in mind. Have a look below at some of our exclusive suppliers and partners, both for our kitchen and our bar.

Epicurean – Quality and season-conscious vegetable suppliers. Fresh produce from across the globe, and from Danish suppliers.

Funga Farm – Locally grown organic and sustainable craft mushrooms from revolutionary urban mushroom farm in Copenhagen.

HKI ost – Denmark’s largest supplier of high-quality cheeses from Danish dairies as well as across Europe. A focus on flavour and quality.

Darios – Fresh premium quality truffles.

Sweet Valentine – Elegant patisserie, supplier of cakes for our events.

Løgismose and Theis Vine – Quality wines carefully curated by wine connoisseurs.

A Verre – A Copenhagen brewery and distillery that crafts their products with botanical ingredients instead of malt. Unique spirits and non-alcoholic alternatives.

The Syrup Co. – Organic syrups for drinks & cocktail featuring innovative flavour profiles.

With our ambition
to take receptions to the next level in terms of expression, gastronomy and execution, we have worked hard at Bryggen Venues to incorporate modern Danish design in order to promote an atmosphere that exudes Nordic aura.

For this reason, Bryggen Venues features fixtures, decorations and furnishings by design names such as Hollyflower Studios, &Drape, &Tradition, Engelbrecht, House Doctor and more.

With regard to activities for events such as conferences and company parties, we collaborate with the event agency Humanic, which has more than 15 years of experience in providing employee events and activities.

NOTE! We always welcome new inspiration and new trends into our space. If your company has exciting ideas, we would love to have a chat about a potential collaboration.





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