Frequently asked questions





The section below contains answers to our most frequently asked questions. You are very welcome to get in touch with us on
tel. 72 22 70 75 or email info@humanicvenues.dk if you have any further questions.



Booking and reservation? Choosing the right room for an event can be a difficult process. We are well aware of this at Bryggen Venues, which is why we offer non-binding reservation for up to 14 days.  This gives you peace of mind to think it through without your venue being booked over your head. Remember to ask about availability and reservation — it doesn’t happen automatically.

What happens after we’ve booked? Once you have booked, we will send an order confirmation and you then have five days to come with any comments. After this, the agreement is binding (REMEMBER to always read the fine print) and our accounts department will send an invoice for the first instalment (private customers 20%, business customers 50%). You will be assigned a project manager who you can contact on an ongoing basis by mail and telephone for questions. Up to the day, we talk about and review the entire program as well as your wishes and needs.

When will we have access to the room? On the day itself – usually two hours before start time. In return, we organise most of it so you don’t need to worry.

When do we have to let you know final numbers? No later than three weeks before the event. We will ask you for your final numbers and seating plan (based on our recommendations).

Do you take special menus into account? Yes, we are completely aware that people have different needs. Therefore, we take into account special menus for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, halal, gluten allergy, etc. The list for special requirements should be sent to us no later than three weeks before, together with the final number and seating plan. On the seating plan, please note where guests with special requirements will be sitting. This helps the serving to run more smoothly.

PLEASE NOTE: Special menus that are announced later than three weeks before cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled.



Is there anything we need to do? Yes, but it’s not that much. You can add your personal touch to the room by handling the decorations, consisting of name cards as well as menu cards (if applicable), flowers and vases other than those we offer as standard as well as any other decorations as required. However, if it is relatively straightforward and errors can be minimised, we can provide table cards and put flowers on the tables.

Can we book our own DJ or band? You decide who you book as DJ — however, our technology solution containing light and sound must always be purchased through us. PLEASE NOTE: At Bryggen Venues, bands are NOT allowed and the DJ must always play through our speaker system so that the sound does not exceed the permitted limits.

When are vendors (DJ, entertainment, florist, etc.) allowed access? Setup/Delivery is available two hours prior to start time. Everything must be removed immediately after the end of the event.

Can background music be played in the room during dinner? All event spaces are equipped with an in-house sound system, which can play background music (but it is not suitable for loud party music).

Is there a projector/screen on the premises? All venues and rooms can be equipped with projector/screen or monitors for a fee. At Bryggen Venues, a surcharge of DKK 1,200 including VAT applies for use of this system, which includes help connecting your own personal computer (HDMI).

Can we leave our belongings until the next day? Unfortunately not. For security reasons you must take all personal belongings with you when the event ends. PLEASE NOTE: Bryggen Venues cannot be held liable for any forgotten effects.

Can we party on until the sun comes up? Yes, you can, although we usually say no later than 5.00 am.


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