Original and Nordic-inspired cocktails 


For your event at Bryggen Venues we offer a cocktail menu inspired by ‘Artemisia’, our ‘fine drinking’ concept.

The cocktails we create comes purpose and meaning. We aim to pamper our guests with carefully crafted, top-quality cocktails.


Our concept

With inspiration from The Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen – a part of the Nordic Cuisine movement – our drinks menu utilizes seasonal, sustainable and indigenous ingredients.

Wild, foraged plants bring herbal undertones and freshness to the menu. Meanwhile, high quality, local and organic ingredients and spirits from Danish suppliers add to a creative and varied offering. We also have an exciting range of non-alcoholic and low ABV options.

Our bars at Bryggen Venues are powered by our highly skilled and passionate bartenders, who bring layers to every drink and each cocktail to life. In this way, we strive to not only offer a high class serving of drinks, but also to deliver the taste of craftmanship which goes into composing our tasteful recipes.

For your event, the drinks we create should be an experiential treat where our carefully considered flavors excite your guests. The same high standards and quality are found in every drink we offer.


Our in-house supplier

Our bars at Bryggen Venues are supplied by our sister-venue Moltkes Palæ’s bar Artemisia. Artemisia’s staff, craftmanship and recipes serve as the beacon for Bryggen Venues’ bars and as a key resource that assures the quality of our drinks.

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We cannot wait to offer your event at Bryggen Venues a drinks menu out of the ordinary.


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Moltkes Palæ

Kgs Nytorv/Dronningens Tværgade

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